For many companies, shut-downs are inevitable. Worse, they are expensive, inconvenient and possibly hazardous. To combat these incidents, Falck Alford has developed the US patented HAZTEC system, a revolutionary process designed to eliminate shut-down times due to specific projects and maintenance work.
Approved by the US Mineral Management Services (MMS), the HAZTEC system comprises a safe welding enclosure, allowing for any connected installation to continue operating while welding or other high-temperature work is carried out in hazardous areas.
Furthermore, the Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system ensures worker safety by discontinuing use of the system in the event of a malfunction or an accident.
Each HAZTEC safe welding enclosure is custom desig­ned to fit each particular location without disrupting or altering any existing processes or equipment.


Benefits of the HAZTEC system include: 

Retained production
Retain the production revenue that would otherwi­se be lost due to shut-ins.
Safety and shared tasks
Production remains “business as usual” and com­panies can focus on daily tasks while risk manage­ment is covered by the HAZTEC process.
Operators no longer need to be concerned about shut-in associated problems such as stored energy during isolations, isolation planning and the increase in personnel associated with attempting to accomp­lish high-risk tasks in a narrow time frame.
Scheduling and execution resources
Scheduling and execution obstacles are eliminted.No need to schedule projects around scheduled shut-ins or turnarounds. Weather, seasons, darkness, surroundings and conflicting task are removed from the equations.

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