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​We are able to offer a wide training portfolio, with purpose build training grounds covering areas such as offshore, maritime, Industry, renewable energy, crisis management, advanced fire fighting and chemical training. 


Course offerings can vary from centre to centre, but common for all are dedication to deliver quality training to international standards or according to customer needs.


For over 30 years Falck Nutec has provided a broad and evolving training portfolio to our client base in the offshore, maritime, Industry, renewable energy, chemical and aviation industries.  Our training provides the necessary skills to limit the consequences of incidents but more importantly teaches prevention. 


Areas of training include; survival, firefighting, medical, health & safety and crisis management.   We have international approvals relevant to the region we work in together with internationally recognized certification.

9 Younis Bashorun Street
Off Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234 1 460 6130


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